Vardata Information Technology has been in the information technology business since 2000. We do business with the top leading organizations in our field. With our experienced staff selling Network, Server and Fiber Optic products, Vardata IT's goal is to quickly meet the demands of ISP, Telecom Companies, and Banks at reasonable prices. Our dedication to our goal has allowed us to grow our customer base tremendously. We have been purchasing Network, Server, and Notebook products from companies and end users' who don’t need them. After performing tests and services on these products, we sell them with a one year warranty. By providing this service, we have greatly impacted Turkey's economy. Looking at this perspective, Vardata IT is one of the first companies providing these services in Turkey.


Vardata IT is the leading brand at second hand in domestic marketplace in the 16th year of the global market. In addition, our company differs from other competitors by importing new HP, IBM, Dell, Cisco and other well known brand products. We are happy to provide our services to over 400 different locations and 1000 public, private and telecom companies. Our other company MTA Hardware LLC, which is currently located in the United States, provides the same services to the rest of the world. In the information technology field, we supply and sell numerous products through our online eBay and Amazon stores. With our other company Gigadata Technology located in Romania, we buy and sell both scrapped/non-working electronic cards and used working products which are tested. ln addition, our other company FarEast Information Technology located in China also supplies and sells numerous networking products. We produce our own brand LONGLINE in fiber optic products that are 100 % compatible with brands such CISCO, HP, AVAYA, ALCATEL, etc. We offer great competitive prices.